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  1. The Elusive

    Pram Cottage

    Some of the most enjoyable places to visit for me are the old cottages that are always in the middle of nowhere,  This one is no exception..  Its pretty decayed which lately Ive really enjoyed capturing!  I think i did get a bit carried away with the pram and very distracted when i heard a...
  2. Funlester

    Brownie Cottage, Wales - Oct 15

    This was one we got told about my my mates contact. Not sure there is any history at all as just a cottage on the side of the road. Its called "Brownie" as there is an old Brownie Camera on the side in there.
  3. Mikeymutt

    The vanity cottage August 2015

    Visited this delightful little place on a trip to Wales.the downstairs was really cluttered,but when you started going through the rubbish there was some real nice stuff here.the upstairs was a lot cleaner though.
  4. Stussy

    Vue Cottage, Scotland - June 2015

    Another installment from my Northern trip of Scotland to meet a good friend, this one was a random find, whilst driving around the local area I spotted a derp out of the corner of my eye, off I went to see. It was right next to a modern house, but thankfully it was an unused holiday home I...
  5. Mockingbird

    The Symphony Cottage - August 2015

    Been awhile since I posted on here, so thought I would put a few places up I had been to earlier this year and likewise. A rural cottage, once home to a hoarder, lots to see an loads to photograph, could of spent ages in here, but more gems like this awaited us on the trip. Upstairs was packed...
  6. Stussy

    Iron House, Scotland - March 2015

    This explore was a fairly random find for myself, after a day out looking around my local area some locations I had spotted previously I passed this place unexpectedly. A quick stop, run along and peek in the windows to check if it was empty and had potential, creeping up behind the building...
  7. Mockingbird

    A Magpies Collection - June 2015

    Hey everyone finally joined up here, an thought id start by sharing this place, visited awhile ago now, an loved it to be honest but recently its been the target of vandals who have trashed and stolen a fair amount of things from here, so thought I would share this place as I found it, last...
  8. Stussy

    Scotland Tour - Oct 2014 (PIC HEAVY)

    Took a few days to go round some new Scottish locations I had found, ended up doing 16 locations over 3/4 days, didn't find any really amazing locations but a lot with nice bits to them all, so throwing some of the better shots into this one report. If you would like to see any more of the...
  9. Stussy

    Religiøs Kult Estate, Scotland - August 2014

    Not much history on this weirdly superb explore, situated in the rolling hills of Scotland, a country estate owner created a mini religious haven / retreat for himself. This small report is over 3 of the buildings within the estate, first up... The Garden Room The Chapel...
  10. Stussy

    Fly Agaric Cottage, Scotland - September 2014

    Been a while since I last got round to uploading a set and doing a report on here, so a bit rusty, I present to you The Fly Agaric Cottage. Having a crazy alien come spend a couple days at my federation space shuttle deployment centre. After an initial pleasantries, an agreement between the...
  11. cunningplan

    Sacred/Mad Artist cottage

    This was the third location on our list with the second I didn't feel worth a report. Second time here but wanted to show the other two. I found a little more history on this place as its now up for auction and will be sold on the 25th Feb with the guide price of 30/35 grand. (With no vehicle...
  12. mookster

    Moreton-in-Marsh Cottage Hospital Jan 2015

    This has been on my to do list for a little bit so I thought it best to get it done as it's a long while since I last did a hospital. Moreton-in-Marsh Cottage Hospital is a small Victorian hospital in the Cotswolds, it closed in 2012 after a new much larger facility opened just outside the...
  13. Stussy

    A Collection of Scottish Cottages #3 - July 2014

    Last post on the July trip I promise, but still more to some after these (another three adventures). Lady's View Cottage Perched on top of a hill overlooking a stunning inlet of the sea, beautiful!! Dirt Cottage Hidden in amongst some trees not far from Lady's View was this...
  14. Stussy

    A Collection of Scottish Cottages #2 - July 2014

    Last Collection of pics from the tour of far reaches of Scotland. Day 4 = Explore #15 Radio Cottage Fishermans Cottage This was one of the best finds of the trip, a fully loaded cottage and even a gun! Woobly Cottage This place shook with every step...
  15. E

    The Giant's Cottage - Aug. 2014

    This is the first house I've had the opportunity to explore so far, not an area that has interested me so much so far but I really liked this place, it's aged and decayed really well and had some beautiful soft light in there along with many items of interest. Visited with The_Raw, Trollface and...
  16. Stussy

    Blue Chair Tea Party, Scotland - July 2014

    Too finish off day 1 of the trip (yes the 5/6 previous posts were all in one day!) It was probably a perfect way to end it before heading off to camp and have a couple whisky's in front of a fire! The Blue Chair Tea Party is one of my personal faves from the whole trip, so I may go a bit pic...
  17. Stussy

    Half Cottage / Mill Church

    Two explores in one, a kinda crappy cottage and a suprisngly quaint church in a former Mill building! Half Cottage, only half of it remained! Mill Church Thanks for looking!!
  18. Stussy

    Yellow Chair Cottage, Scotland - July 2014

    Third find of the trip was the unassuming wee cottage on the cliffside. The Yellow Chair Cottage. Thanks for looking!!
  19. Stussy

    Three Hats Cottage, Scotland - July 2014

    Second explore of the trip was this superb little derelict cottage, my jaw dropped when I had a little wander about! The Cottage of Three Hats (Scotlands attempt of Belgiums 5 Hats) The views from this lonely cottage was simpy breath taking! Thanks for looking!! :comp:
  20. Stussy

    Blue Stove Cottage, Scotland - July 2014

    Haven't posted a set of pics on here for a couple weeks, but I have been a very busy explorer. Completed to trips, one in Scotland to see some of the best cottages / crofts / residental explores I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. More recently I was on a Euro explore, but those pics are...