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  1. tank2020

    Picklemens Cottage July 2014

    From what we could tell this place has been empty for a long while, once known on the circuit as the "Sewingmens Cottage" due to the abundance of sewing machines strewn around the property. Sadly these have now all been pilfered and I could not spot one. Still some nice bits remain that give an...
  2. cunningplan

    Journeys End Cottage, July 2014

    This was our last place of the day, it had been a long one and I still had a couple of hours at least to get home from here. all in all it was the best day xplore I have done so far, with 6 great locations with only one fail. The little cottage was down unmade roads in the middle of nowhere...
  3. bassboyjoe

    Pickleman's Cottage - Methwold - April 2014

    This place, despite a lot going missing inbetween this report and previous ones is still such an incredible place to visit. I could easily have spent a day here as there is so much to look at, and photograph. I also had a rather fustrating moment when I got home after a 2 hour drive to realise...
  4. The Elusive

    Rin Tin Cottage (visited july 14)

    Driving through the country side on route, spotted something rather cute, so we stopped to check it out, once inside I was convinced ive seen this place before, the set up looks oh so familiar carried on regardless as you do havent managed to find any reports like ...weird! Visited with an non...
  5. The Elusive

    Book keepers cottage, Visited May 14

    Little to No information on this place; Middle of nowhere looks to have left for quite a while, has a really cute contrast of stuff littered about the place, nice little wander! calendar suggest may have been abandoned from around 1996. Took Bango and another non-member was full of stuff to...
  6. Stussy

    Shearer's Cottage, Scotland - April 2014 (Pic Heavy)

    Not much info on the history of this rather nice Cottage, however there is a lot of information on the owners found inside. The man who lived her was David Sharp and also I believe his brother Victor, two of three brothers, the third being Douglas. Born around 1927, David and his Brother...
  7. cunningplan

    The Sacred Cottage April 2014 (pic heavy)

    This was going to be the 3rd of 5 places earmarked for the day, but the trip between the church and here took a bit longer than planed, that with this cottage being so nice I just kept finding more and more to take photos of, we ended the trip here and headed home leaving the others for anther...
  8. Stussy

    Couple Cottages, Scotland - March 2014

    Been hitting the countryside a lot lately finding a lot of small explores, so thowing a couple smaller places in one place. First off we have some finds in a old Barn Secondly - The Hilltop Cottage Thirdly - The Fireplace Cottage Fourth - The Cramp Cottage...
  9. urbanex

    Keeprs Cottage - Scotland - 2014

    Hey all... So...this is my first explore...please be gentle!! Couldnt get inside this little place, and believe me...i tried!! Not much history on it either im afraid... Was built between 1854-5 and has been empty since the 1970s due to subsidence.
  10. C

    The Constable's Cottage - 2014

    I'd driven past this place countless times and finally decided to venture inside. A lovely little place, forgot to get externals though. Never mind, I'll just have to go back!! Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed
  11. cunningplan

    Canal Cottage Feb 2014

    I can only go Xploring on Saturdays as Mrs Plan works and I have all day free to do what I like, this Saturday I had a meeting to go to in Northampton, I knew it would be finished by 2 I didn't want to waste the whole day. I spent a few hours on google and google maps and found this little...
  12. Norfolk Explorer

    Dead Crow Cottage. Castle Acre. Norfolk January 2014.

    Visited this place that I found online while researching other bits and pieces for a day out in Norfolk. So thought it would be a shame not to visit... Did not have high hopes for it, but it was not to bad... 5 of us rolled into the house and being it was only a two bedroom cottage there was not...
  13. cunningplan

    Cobweb Cottage, UK. (Visited 12/2013) Jan 2014

    Nice little cottage in the middle of nowhere, looks like its been empty for about 10/15 years not lots in there but some nice bits and pieces. These were taken with my Bridge camera (And it was the right location ;) )[email protected]/sets/72157638357080415/...
  14. Nelly

    Squeal Like A Pig Cottage

    It was my first trip out with my new GoPro that Father Christmas (Mrs Nelly) brought me Yup it's pretty crap, the cam was aimed too high on my head strap and my editing skills are shite!!! But I'm a cam virgin so go easy on me!!!
  15. Landie_Man

    Chesham Cottage Hospital - (VISITED 2009) - 2013

    2013: Continuation of my back dating, visited original in April 09, I return in September armed with my shiny new DSLR. A spin off to my April 2009 explore. In president to Odeon and BOCM, I am redoing all of my old explores, with a new camera and more urbex knowledge. Visited with Liam...
  16. Gigi

    Covert Cottage, July 2013 (PIC HEAVY)

    First time out together on our own for at least a year now, Cogito and I took a long walk to this cottage earlier today (look at me with my quick report!) , with me wearing my leopard print pumps, not my best idea ;) It was quite an old looking cottage but didn't look too dated on the inside...
  17. darbians

    Banjo Cottage 2013

    I read that you can hear banjos playing outside at night so at about 3am I went to have a listen. Walking across a farmers field in the fenland winter sucks!! Only as I get near I discover a ditch so turn round and head home. I return the next day with a revised route to avoid the ditch and it...
  18. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Rose Cottage (code name) Visited in 2013

    A forlorn little place this. Built by the water board as part of a sewage works, which is no longer there. The last occupier probably lived there for quite some time and the house was put to auction in 2011 'needing complete modernisation'. Sold and caught fire within a week.
  19. Ninja Kitten

    Seamstress's cottage March 2013

    ive been rather intrigued by this littleone for a long time..ide wander past several times last summer and have a little peek but could never really figure the place out...was some one living in it or not?? A closer peep a few weeks ago had me spinning on my head ( well you know what i mean )...
  20. Stussy

    Poodle Cottage, Grampian - April 2013

    My weekend solo adventure consisted of around 12 reccys of various sites, so hopefully a couple new reports heading this way in the near future! I did manage to take a couple shots and this was a nice little surprise I've had my eye on for a while. This little row of two cottages sit on a busy...

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