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  1. Grindle

    Great Britain The cooks cottage Powys June 2019

    I know nothing of this place just that it is full of weird and wonderful objects; some old mail indicates it was lived in by a guy from the sub continent and his English Rose; stuff everywhere just left as a time capsule 
  2. Grindle

    Great Britain Kartman's Cottage; Powys: June 2019

    No history of note no architecure of merit just a once loved family home
  3. Dmc68

    Great Britain Bwthyn Afon, Abandoned Cottage On The Glyndwr Way. May 2019.

    A nice way to spend my Bank Holiday Monday. May 2019 Full Video....
  4. Grindle

    Great Britain The Cottage in the Trees, Moss Valley - April 2019

    Sometimes I love my satnav today it took me a new route to the local cider farm  rubber necking as i go along i spy a rather dilpidated chimney stack through the trees have a mooch? well it would be rude not to Built in 1812 thats all I know some nice stuff  AND it is untouched by kids or...
  5. Andy

    Great Britain Cloud Cottage / Cloud House (May 2018)

    Due to annoying incidents quite well known. Meanwhile, a lot was looted here and destroyed as much by vandalism. Visited May 2018 with @The_Raw and @Miss.Anthrope. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
  6. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Cloud Cottage - 2015

    One from the vault. Did a quick search on this one and surprisingly saw very little in the way of reports - so thought I'd share my take on it. Back in the day this place was quite infamous - mostly it seems due to the few 'bad apples' that lurk within the exploring community. Stories of...
  7. klempner69

    Great Britain Keepers Cottage Stud,Surrey January 2018

    Former puppy farm that was often in the local news regarding poor living quarters,alleged mistreatment of dogs and the selling of dogs that often died after new owners took delivery of the young animals..the RSPCA were always closing down the business,but the owner John Lowe simply ignored them...
  8. Stussy

    Great Britain Porcelain Farm, Scotland - March 16

    Hello, another from my long long long list of shitty cottages I have to post up on here tp convert you to the deeply weird realm of cottaging! Found this almost my accident whilst exploring with a couple friends, after walking what felt like miles through small forests, over streams, up and...
  9. Stussy

    Great Britain Sultana Cottage, Scotland

    Been a little while since I posted anything. Derp Cottage, located in what some consider Miserable Scotland, visited on a windy and cold day, but it had rather nice views. Thanks for looking
  10. RossWAdventures

    Great Britain Meadows Cottage (Lancashire) - May 2017

    I've code named this place as Meadows Cottage. This place is a hidden time capsule, with diaries and newspapers from as early as the 1940's. The most recent items had dates around the 1980's so it's hard to say how long this place has even been abandoned for. I actually explored this place back...
  11. Stussy

    Holly Tree Farm - Sep 2015

    Slowly catching up on my reports. This lovely little place situated in the Grampian area of Scotland. I spotted this one on google maps and went for a look, parking up at the nearest point I could which would not attract any attention, this resulted in me having to walk over 3 fields over a...
  12. Stussy

    Cairn Cottages, Scotland - Sept 15

    This quick selection of pics is from a recent trip into the mountains near where I live to visit some lovely cottages.  These locations are all within close proximity to each other so makes for a nice day out.   First stop was an old school, which was half converted into a house, but never...
  13. Stussy

    Angies Farm & Cottage, Scotland - Sept 15

    Lovely little location on a few hundred metres from each other.  The Farmhouse and the Cottage situated in rural Grampian, I found these on route to another location, didn't spend too long here as they were fairly empty but had some lovely little features and a bit of a surprise when I had a...
  14. Stussy

    Religiøs Kult Estate, Scotland - 2015

    I haven't posted for a while, been pretty busy with Euro explores and finding new explores (more to come), but realised I hadn't posted this lovely little location from last year. The pics are from my first visit and a couple visits with friends I took here.  The site is a very strange place...
  15. WildBoyz

    Monk Cottage, Wellington - March 2016

    History Monk Cottage, located next door to St. Patrick’s Church, was constructed sometime in the 1860s, when European settlement took place after gold was discovered in the area. The small church, which is listed with the Historic Places Trust, was a community owned church built later in 1873...
  16. Urbexbandoned

    Derbyshire Farmhouse - March 2016

    History    I have done a little research on this place and not wanting to copy and paste as I usually do I have collated as much as I can to protect this little place.  Built in around 1875 this little farmhouse was a thriving business with cattle producing milk for locals. Since around 1901...
  17. The Elusive

    Pram Cottage

    Some of the most enjoyable places to visit for me are the old cottages that are always in the middle of nowhere,  This one is no exception..  Its pretty decayed which lately Ive really enjoyed capturing!  I think i did get a bit carried away with the pram and very distracted when i heard a...
  18. Funlester

    Brownie Cottage, Wales - Oct 15

    This was one we got told about my my mates contact. Not sure there is any history at all as just a cottage on the side of the road. Its called "Brownie" as there is an old Brownie Camera on the side in there.
  19. Mikeymutt

    The vanity cottage August 2015

    Visited this delightful little place on a trip to Wales.the downstairs was really cluttered,but when you started going through the rubbish there was some real nice stuff here.the upstairs was a lot cleaner though.
  20. Stussy

    Vue Cottage, Scotland - June 2015

    Another installment from my Northern trip of Scotland to meet a good friend, this one was a random find, whilst driving around the local area I spotted a derp out of the corner of my eye, off I went to see. It was right next to a modern house, but thankfully it was an unused holiday home I...