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  1. SlimJim

    Hospital Haslar (Revisit II), UK - June 2016

    Back again for my third visit! This one was definitely the best and as such the most worth sharing on here. This place is huge - I'm certain there's many bits that I haven't seen yet. Visited with @TheVampiricSquid @Biebs and @MrObvious I'll spare you the history as it's very easy to find and...
  2. MrObvious

    Haslar Water Tower, X-Ray Machines and organs

    I know, Haslar.... Again! This place has pretty much become a second home to @TheVampiricSquid and I over the last few months, mainly because the place is slowly but surely being torn apart now...  The place never disappoints us, and we love giving people tours of the place!   On one of our...
  3. Vulex

    Royal Hospital Haslar, Gosport Feb 2016

    Big Big thanks to @TheVampiricSquid for being the hero he was and giving us the grand tour! So @Ferox and myself drove down to Portsmouth for Haslar on the satuday, so we could get a good start on the Sunday. We tried a few derps on the long drive, a few fails and a few successes. But it didnt...
  4. AndyK!

    Padded Cell, Royal Hospital Haslar G-Block - 2015

    Padded cells are few and far between now-a-days, so the opportunity to visit one doesn't present itself very often. So rare in fact, that I should imagine this will be the only padded cell I ever get the opportunity to visit, in situ and outside of a museum. This particular padded cell is...
  5. TheVampiricSquid

    Royal Hospital Haslar & Morgue, Gosport - September 2015

    Evening all :D I won't bother with the history, as i'm sure everything knows it by now! I've been up to my usual antics, taking trips down here on the regular, these particular images were from 2 visits. Once with MrObvious & a non-member where we were lucky enough to see the morgue, and...
  6. MrObvious

    Royal Hospital Haslar Oct 15

    a quick walk around inside the notorious Royal Hospital Haslar in the night. History you probably all know by now :P The Visit Ive been to this location so many times now, nothing interesting actually happened, just wanted to get some footage inside before its completely gone, because i...
  7. whynotdiex

    Royal Hospital Haslar - Gosport - September 2015

    History The Royal Hospital Haslar, completed in 1762, was built to provide a dedicated military hospital for the Royal Navy. Set in over 60 acres of beautiful parkland, with many Georgian Grade II listed buildings and a prime seafront location, Haslar has a long tradition of delivering care...
  8. Merryprankster

    Royal hospital Haslar - June - 2015

    Evening all, hope everyones feeling funky fresh and all that jazz, took a little tour down south last weekend, chased a couple of new leads which unfortunately both turned up fails, the first was a an attempt on the lovely old 1930s fire station in my home town and the the second was an...
  9. TheVampiricSquid

    Royal Hospital Haslar - February/May 2015

    Hey Guys, i'm back again:D Visited this place with SlimJim a little while back, although i've only just got round to uploading! History..The Haslar site was bought in 1745. It is a glorious 55-acre site overlooking the mouth of Portsmouth harbor, and it became the first purpose-built hospital...
  10. -Raz-

    Royal Haslar hospital - March '15

    After 2 hours kip and a 2 AM start we set off on the 4 hour trip down to Gosport to revisit this epic place. Our first visit mainly consisted of getting lost and getting caught by security so with a better plan this time we managed to spend most of the day in there leaving no room untouched in...
  11. Kalum_a

    Haslar Royal Hospital - Feb 2015

    Just have a couple of photos to share from our trip to Haslar. There are quite a lot of pics but i hope you all enjoy and please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks :)
  12. Fatpanda

    HASLAR - Feb 15

    Had a great trip down south with Raz, sleedom seen and a non member unfortunately our visit was cut short by a friendly security guard that I first believed to be another explorer ha ha. Anyway a few pics i got before getting caught. Thanks guys :bounce:
  13. Sweetpea

    Royal Haslar hospital - 2015

    firstly thanks for taking the time to have a look at my report (its my first one so go easy lol) history stolen from wiki The Royal Hospital Haslar was designed by Theodore Jacobsen and built between 1746 and 1761. The site opened as a Royal Navy hospital in 1753. It has had a very long and...
  14. Urbexbandoned

    Haslar - December 14

    Obviously we all know the history on this place so I wont put much, The Haslar site was bought in 1745. It is a glorious 55-acre site overlooking the mouth of Portsmouth harbour, and it became the first purpose-built hospital for the Royal Navy. It was opened in 1754 and took some 1,800...
  15. The_Raw

    Royal Hospital Haslar, Gosport - November 2014

    I visited with sentinel, extreme_ironing, overarch, and makepondsnotwar. This was my third visit here, we had a quick look for the padded cell in the psychiatric block but it wasn't accessible so we made our way into the main complex instead. We had 5 hours inside with no hassle. The main target...
  16. The_Raw

    Royal Hospital Haslar, Gosport - June 2014

    The History The Royal Hospital Haslar was designed by Theodore Jacobsen and built between 1746-61. The site opened as a Royal Navy hospital in 1753. It has had a very long and distinguished history in the medical care of service personnel both in peacetime and in war since that time, treating...

    Royal Hospital Haslar - Gosport - Hampshire - January 2014

    After a few failed attempts over the past year. I saw online that it was becoming popular again, so I thought I would give it a try again. This time with no problems. Spent 7 hours inside here. Didn't see anyone else. We saw fresh footprints on the floor that didn't match any of our footwear...
  18. Nobby

    Royal Hospital Haslar - Gosport - September 2013

    Royal Hospital Haslar Visited with Chaos History Founded in the reign of King George I, the Royal Hospital Haslar in Gosport, Hampshire, was one of several hospitals serving the Portsmouth area, but had previously been the country's foremost - and ultimately last - military hospital. Its...
  19. Troglodyte

    Royal Hospital Haslar, Portsmouth. May 2013

    From approaching the site we soon realised gaining access wasn't going to be too easy. Being an old millitary hospital it's pretty secure and we chose to go early Sunday morning when the coastline was full of fisherman and couples taking a morning stroll. None the less with some...