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  1. KPUrban_

    Great Britain N-Staffs Royal Infirmary, Stoke, November 2019

    Intro It's a well known site and has been well and truly done to death until recently. With 8 Operating rooms sharing 17 Lights, A morgue, A&E, Numerous wards and a heavy mix of natural decay and grime it has always been a good one to explore. The Hospital As mentioned it has been done way too...
  2. a World in Ruins

    North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary - Sept 2018

    First a little History [you all know it, but it's good to include anyway] ? The Dispensary – the first public hospital in North Staffordshire – opened in Etruria in April 1804 and was funded in part by the Wedgewood family. It gave sick patients the chance to see an Apothecary for diagnosis and...

    College Infirmary up North. December 2015

    The Hospital was founded in 1831 & by 1929 special feature available included Turkish, Russian & medicated baths & electro-medical department. The Infirmary was also approved for the treatment of Veneral Diseases    The New Road Campus has been home to it"s various named College...
  4. Redhunter

    Derby Royal Infirmary. April 2015.

    Hi all, First post on this forum, start off with something simple. The DRI, alot of people have visited this place and it caused alot of drama, but it was on my list for a while. Some history for you. Derbyshire Royal Infirmary (DRI) was established in 1810 on land formerly part of Derby's...
  5. mattkasp_er

    Victoria Infirmary - Glasgow

    The Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow is due to shut this year due to the opening of the new Southern General Hospital. I was wondering if anyone knew how it takes them to fully secca these places up, and if I'd have a chance to get a wee mooch around? ;)
  6. mookster

    The Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford April 2010 (2014)

    It's been a long while since I dug something out of my extensive archive of sites for people to see, and I'm in a sharing mood today. The Radcliffe Infirmary was constructed in 1770 and extensively modified and extended throughout it's lifespan with the huge site finally closing in 2007. It was...
  7. urblex

    Blackburn Infirmary - August 2014

    Been here before but got invited by another 2 local explorers who fancied a look. Can't say i noticed if anything has changed, well apart from equipment left behind by metal thieves, must of been classy guys stealing metal from an old children's ward... Suprised threre's anything left worth...
  8. Involuntary Abstinence

    Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, Derby, England (March 2014)

    Me at the most amazing corridor in the DRI (part that I managed to explore). In my brief urbex life I have to experience a wide range of feelings. There have been moments where I felt totally happy, lost in wonder, complete, mesmerized and son, as well as scared, stressed, tired, annoyed...
  9. donebythehands

    Derby Royal Infirmary. Derbyshire. Jan / Feb 2014

    Hey, as DRI seems popular at the moment, I thought why not. Photos are from a series of visits, so things have moved, been more damaged or just changed. This is relfected in the photos, as the microscopes move every time I've been. I'll skip the histoty and say sorry in advance for the large...
  10. suburbankarma

    Derby Royal Infirmary December 2013

    Visited with a non OS forum member as part of an organised meet on another well known UE forum. Met a few other small groups on the way round and the local kids that use the place for hanging out and skating were ever present in the grounds. Not being the most agile person these days I managed...
  11. Landie_Man

    Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford - Visited Apr 2010 - 2013

    2013: This is almost totally converted for the university, much has changed here in the last few years. 2010: What an awesome day! Went with True British Metal and my friend Ben. Ground floor was a bit trashed, and contractors are in and out all day, so we went at night! Hence the varied...
  12. E

    Carmarthen Infirmary - Carmarthen - Report - 19/07/08

    Bored Saturday afternoon, I got an MSN off JustJay, "what are you up to??" "Nothing" I replied, "where do you suggest?" "Carmarthen Hospital" came the reply. That was it, I gave Hood_mad a ring and we were off down west. Present here were JustJay, Jays mate, Hood_mad & me. The...