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  1. Maniac

    Oil Mills West, Dover - March 2013

    This set of tunnels is located just West of the tunnels known as the Oil Mills, in the Limekiln Street area of Dover. It is likely that the tunnels were originally the result of chalk being mined for lime burning in the nearby kilns during the 19th Century. The five roughly parallel tunnels are...
  2. Jesus

    South Forelands #1 and Oil Mills West, March '13

    Now then. Recently Maniac, Frosty and I went out for a spot of Dover derping and this is "wot we done" ;) South trollands #1: Troll mills west: Thanks to the guys for an entertaining evening out, and thanks to you for looking in, R. Jewson
  3. Timster1973

    Abbey Mills, London 2013

    Hi guys, Won't put any other posts up tonight - don't want to flood the boards and be throw off ;) This was a permission visit and a total one off. A lot of this is still in operation. The original Abbey Mills Pumping Station, in Abbey Lane, London E15, is a sewage pumping station, designed...
  4. Perjury Saint

    Tone Mills, Somerset. Feb '13

    TONE MILLS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tone Works was the dyeing and finishing works established by Fox Brothers and Co of Tonedale Mills, Wellington, at the confluence of the River Tone and the Back Stream . The site is shown on the Tithe map of 1839, and the works was enlarged and altered over the...
  5. Flava

    Great Britain Tone Mills. Wellington, 2011

    Stopped off here on the way back from a Birmingham day trip what a stunning site and well worth the detour hope you enjoy the photos Tone Mill in Wellington is the last woollen mill in the West Country, with a priceless collection of original machinery still in place in the wet finishing works...
  6. silverainbow

    Great Britain Oil Mills, Upper & Lower, Dover, Jan 2013

    I visited this 3 years back, only had point n shoot camera at the time and hadn't realized that it could do 60 second exposures so have been meaning to go back for a revisit to get some pics, Visited with Space Invader and Dan H. A brief bit of History ; These tunnels have served many...
  7. Nelly

    Oil Mills West - Dover - Nov 2011

    These tunnels in Limekiln Street were most likely dug in the early to mid 19th Century to extract chalk for burning and turning into lime. Map of the tunnels The limekilns, which gave the street its name, were located nearby. It is probable that the lime and excavated chalk were used in...
  8. R

    Oil Mills West - EOS 650 35mm 2011

    A few film shots I've taken from Oil Mills West: I won't bother with the history as its been put on here enough. Top 4 taken with a 8mm Samyang Fisheye, using a 35mm film it was true 8mm as opposed to my crop sensor dslr giving a reading of 12.8mm, this meant I had to crop into the...
  9. Nelly

    Rank Hovis Mills - Ramsgate - June 2011

    The Ramsgate Flour Mill was built in 1865, and closed in 2005 when the site was sold by Rank Hovis to a private developer, as it was no longer commercially viable. The mills became Grade II listed in 1988 The Ramsgate Flour Mill was built in 1865, and closed in 2005 when the site was sold by...
  10. silverainbow

    Oil Mills West Dover, May 2011

    Visited with Space Invader,Wevsky & Swampdonkey Oil Mills West, built circa 1800's originally used for bonded oil storage from what I believe would have been the whale trade, later became used for the military and air raid shelters during WWII On with some pics ;) And finally...
  11. silverainbow

    Millenium Mills, April 2011

    Right guys, Nelly has more covered this already so I wont bore you with the history bit :D , so heres my take on this awesome monument :ty The Oh so famous Silo "D" And now for interior shots What a mountain ! Shaft of death ! Cheesy Floor ! Hey Mr...
  12. Nelly

    Spillers Millenium Mills - April 2011

    Set out for an early start with my old mate Skeleton Key and met up with some intrepid explorers from Kent by the names of Wevsky,Space Invader,Obscurity and Silver Rainbow. The History Bit Spillers Millenium Mills lies isolated and imposing occupying a fifty nine acre site along the Royal...
  13. Wevsky

    Spillers millenium Mills may 2011

    Right after the many many reports im not going to quote same history as has been done ever so well! Myself space invader ,silver rainbow ,obscurity,Nelly and skeleton key met up got acquainted and hit this place..very early no secca..that was the way out blocked by his vehicle and he...
  14. H

    Dalton MIlls Keighly

    Well after seeing the report on another site I had to go and boy did i get a surprise !, history has been done many times before so on with the pics... some you will have seen and some you might not have seen !..... Indi eat ya heart out !... This bit I didnt expect...
  15. R

    Report - Spillers Millennium Mills - London - March 2011

    Visited this site with OliverGT - big thanks to him for getting in contact with me. This was my second attempt, but first successful visit. What an amazing place, I am so glad I've seen it. Pictures just don't do it justice. Access was fun, and once you're in there are lots of holes to fall...
  16. superwide

    Oil mills upper 5-3-11 2011

    After a planned visit to the winchelsea tunnels that failed to happen, myself, snaphappi and a friend from london had a play about in upper oil mills. sparkle man_HDR by dualster, on Flickr 2011-03-05 at 12-59-18 - Version 2 by dualster, on Flickr 2011-03-05 at 12-52-02_HDR by dualster...
  17. Nelly

    Great Britain Nunns Mills Power Station - Northampton - Feb 2011

    Went on a little road trip to Northampton today with Skeleton Key and Tstranger1066, on the way up the motorway we picked up Msaunder1972. After an Laurel and Hardy trip (which involved me going the wrong way around the roundabout on which the Nottingham Lift Tower lives) we arrived. Second...
  18. Wevsky

    Oil mills upper & Lower 14th 10/2010

    Right putting the past few days events behind me myself and Unclebulgaria who unfortunately left his battery behind decided to visit both upper and lower oil I know there is in the lower so i was told a Victorian oil/fuel tank a large one as for digging for hours ignoring all previous...
  19. fat wreck

    Upper Oil Mills 2010

    ........visited with unfairytale thiz morning (18/09/10) at silly o'clock in the morning, only a couple of picz im afraid cheers for looking :Devil:
  20. Wevsky

    oil mills west & st magarets battery 20th july 2010

    Right decided with a few of the guys after they'd had a look at the oil mills upper week or so before when i just wasnt up to it too have a look at the oil mills west..interesting access as ever but once that was over come a very nice visit very huge roofs due to there at one point being 2...