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  1. chris banks

    Dudfleet Mills (Abandoned) - Cinematic Edit

    I am a filmmaker and YouTuber, and i'm trying to get into Urbex. I really enjoy finding out about the history of the sites that i want to visit and exploring them with my son. Last week we visited a site in West Yorkshire. The site is an old fur fabrics mill and has been covered before on this...
  2. Funlester

    Brierfield Mills - May 15

    I got invited to this visit of someone I got chatting to on FB and was a nice place to look round to see how it it and what they are trying to turn it in to. HISTORY - Brierfield Mills stands on the east bank of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. It was established before 1844 as a steam-powered...
  3. Hydro

    Leri Mills, Talybot, Wales - Sept 15

    Visited with Raz, Fat Panda & Rott3nWood Background; Leri / Lerry Mills, situated at the confluence of the Ceulan and Leri rivers produced Tweed for suit making using both water wheels from the river and workers to power the looms and spinning machinery. Little history can be found...
  4. mookster

    Tone Mills Dyehouse Again, June '15

    After the mega success at the nearby Tonedale Mill myself and OverArch headed down the road after a quick late lunch. I had been to this fantastic place twice previously but it was Mr. OverArch's first visit and I think he enjoyed it quite a lot. Even though a lot more graffiti has appeared...
  5. Dmax

    Abbey Mills Pumping Station May 2012

    The original Abbey Mills Pumping Station, in Abbey Lane, London E15, is a sewerage pumping station, designed by engineer Joseph Bazalgette, Edmund Cooper, and architect Charles Driver. It was built between 1865 and 1868. It was designed in a cruciform plan, with an elaborate Byzantine style...
  6. -Raz-

    Dalton Mills - May 2015

    After a long trip earlier on in the weekend a short trip over to Bradford and Huddersfield was the plan for the day, a few frustrating fails later we found ourselves in Keighley outside Dalton Mills waiting for the builders to piss off so we could make our way in and after a short wait we was...
  7. Landie_Man

    Prospect Mills, Thornton - May 2015

    After The Blue Church; we headed towards Leeds and stopped off at this Mill en-route to another site in Thornton. The outside looked promising but the inside proved to be pretty derpy and trashed sadly. It would have once been a nice site but has had large sections demolished and also suffered...
  8. mookster

    Dobroyd Mills May '15

    All aboard the Dobroyd bus! This was the last site on mine and Landie Man's big Northern trip and what a way to finish - hands down one of the best industrial sites I have done for as long as I can remember. The place is a goldmine of undisturbed dereliction and awesome bits and bobs left in...
  9. mookster

    Prospect Mills, Thornton May '15

    [CENTER]Whilst heading into Leeds myself and Landie Man spotted what looked like a promisingly large derelict structure from a distance, so after a quick about-turn we parked up and made our way inside not knowing what the place was other than some kind of mill. Further research afterwards...
  10. -Raz-

    Dobroyd Mills - May 2015

    After getting rumbled early on at Fletcher's and no luck in Marsden we headed to Hepworth in hopes of salvaging the day and the outcome was probably one of the most enjoyable places I've been to the place just kept on giving and finding out there was a classic car show going on the floor above...
  11. Fatpanda

    Globe mill- Huddersfield- Mar 15

    Haven't posted anything in a while guys but hit this place up with Raz just the other day. Really easy access to the rear building and some really cool things to see :) Unfortunately we could only get into one room of the main building you can see from the road but hey ho. Heres some snaps...
  12. f3lix

    Millenium Mills - London (October 2014)

    My first report over here :errr: For sure not a new place to anybody but... Since I've arrived London no more than a month ago I had just one thing on my mind: I have to go there! :D I'd checked a lot of reports of the place and in all of them the place seemed to be freaking massive, but...
  13. bassboyjoe

    Millennium Mills, Silvertown, London, March 2014

    History The Millennium Mills is a derelict turn of 20th century flour mill in West Silvertown on the south side of the Royal Victoria Dock, between the Thames Barrier and the ExCel exhibition centre alongside the newly built Britannia village, in Newham, London, England. Along with Millennium...
  14. C

    Millenium Mills, London, April 14

    This site has done the rounds in the last few weeks, so I'm not going to go into boring details about the place. Definitely the biggest and best playground I've been to yet. A return is very likely. Visited with Miss.Anthrope and Mulman13. I'll try and avoid the common pics that everyone has...
  15. shaddam

    London Millennium Mills - March 2014

    So back to the old mill for visit no.6, explored with SK, Lara, Starlight, Miss_anthrope, and a non forum member, a great night with great company. History if you're interested can be found on my previous reports...
  16. Serenity4

    Millenium Mills, London- External Shots-January 2014 (Black and white set)

    So I visited this site back in January. The secca let us look around and take some external shots of the building.
  17. mookster

    Tone Mills on a 30mm, March 2014

    Ever since I first stepped foot in Tone Mills in February 2012 I had wanted to get back there so badly but the opportunity never presented itself until now unfortunately. Me and Landie/Punto Man headed off down here as the first part of what was to be a pretty interesting and frustrating few...
  18. mde

    Tone Mills - Jan 2014

    Had this one my to do list for a couple of years now but it did not really grab me until I saw the stunning green Coner machines which prompted me to get my ass in gear and drive down to check them out. Similar to Perjury-S I saw all the CCTV so we proceeded with caution. Taking a long route...
  19. Timster1973

    Tone Mills - the main mill [Part 2] -2013

    Evening all, As promised, the second part of the report and the main Tone Mill. First report here Still pouring it down, still only 10am and muddy everywhere, we left Martyn sleeping in my car (as he came...
  20. Timster1973

    Tone Mills - Dyeworks [Part 1] - 2013

    Evening all, This report covers the first part of Tone Mills - the dyeworks. Not all the photos so far but a good mix for the report...... Visited here with 2 non members and camerashy on a very rainy and muddy morning. For me and Martyn, it was about 80 minutes in the car but for the 2 Marks...