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  1. R

    Video Report : Tyne Bottom Lead Mine , Nenthead , UK

    Hi all, New video up, and it's another Ancient Lead Mine Explore!  This time, it's the rather fun, smaller mine, called Tyne Bottom, in Nenthead, UK.  This is my first experience of deep water in a mine :) The following history details are curtsy of Tynebottom Mine was...
  2. R

    Video Report - Brownley Hill Lead Mine, Nenthead, UK

    We recently did a trip down Brownley Lead mine in Nenthead, Uk. I have the video up on my Youtube channel. Link is below. If you want info before watching, the following is from Brownley Hill mine was first worked for lead with silver being extracted as well, the earliest...
  3. MrT

    Nettleton Iron Mine December 2015

    Christmas day, get me out of here! So off i went to take the dog for a walk, that was my excuse! Meaning to check this area for a while, i grabbed the dog, wellies, waterproofs, a bit of kit and off i went into the rainy, windy Lincolnshire wolds.  The landscape of the Lincolnshire Wolds has...
  4. R

    Video Explore : Rampgill Lead Mine, Nenthead, Cumbria Feb 2016

    New video up, and we've been exploring the ancient Rampgill Lead Mine, in Nenthead, UK :) Water upto my testicles in this one :) Let me know what you think :)
  5. SlimJim

    Swan Mine - January 2016

    Visited with Conrad + a non member. Well it's the morning after an alcohol-fueled Saturday night...We've just had about 6 hours sleep after hitting Bristol's shittest club, where Conrad lost his marbles and kept buying us jugs of green cocktail and we all ended up super pickled! :P  After...
  6. Tinnitus Doll

    Magnesite mine, Jan 2016

    Hi mates! I wasn't there for a long time. The beginniing of 2016 was really rich with explorations. And one of the places was a working magnesite mine in Chelyabinsk region.     I was there two times but this time we managed to reach the lowest horizont on minus 320 meters.      ...
  7. Merryprankster

    Box Freestone Mine - Wiltshire - Dec 2015

    just a quick one, not going to write an esssay on this one as it's been done a hundered times and i really need to go do some christmas shopping! visited with 3 non memmbers before heading to certain social event around the corner. was a banging day, wanted to see box for ages and from what i...
  8. Vancolen Kevin

    Blue Lagoon (visit 2015)

    A fairly large mine in belgium with some blue water in it , I did a lot of walking and exploring and i actually don't have much pics from here .. But a revisit will surely be planned as this is really cool to explore , been doing more and more underground explores lately and I like it But I'm...
  9. WildBoyz

    Holme Bank Chert Mine, Bakewell - August 2015

    History Mining for chert in Bakewell has taken place since 1772, when a potter named Josiah Wedgwood recognised that the fine-grained flinty silica in that area was of an extraordinarily high quality. The chert here was often described as being of a ‘throstle-breast appearance [which] is...
  10. Hydro

    Holme Bank Chert Mine, Derbyshire Dales - Aug 15 (Pic Heavy)

    Explored with Raz, FatPanda & Jord - Pic Heavy A Brief History of Bakewell Chert Mine Holme Bank was the last of two operational chert mines in Derbyshire the other being the Pretoria Mine, both at Bakewell. Access was from adits in a quarry at Bank Top and the steep workings extended...
  11. AndyK!

    Zeche M / Heinz - December 2014

    Zeche M/Heinz is a huge abandoned Bergwerk or coal mine in Germany. The underground pits extend great distances, and above ground the industrial site for processing the hard coal is certainly large-scale. The site has developed over the years so the complex of buildings and machinery are a...
  12. Hydro

    Oddball Dragline (St. Aidens Mine) May 2015

    Explored with –Raz- We had put this explore off for months for some reason, however on the way home from checking out how much of Hanson Brick Works was left (NOTHING) we nipped in for a look. History; Meet Bucyrus Erie, the whopping 1200 tonne open cast mine walking dragline. Known as...
  13. Vancolen Kevin

    Abandoned Mine 2 ( visit 2015 )

    Currently being demolished , not much time is left to explore this decayed mine Glad I finally explored this location, very nice decay and an "ok" control room :) I hope you enjoy my pictures : Abandoned Mine 2 by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Abandoned Mine 2 by Vancolen Photography, on...
  14. Stussy

    Limestone Mine E5.7, Scotland - Dec 2013

    Early morning start to visit this lovely wee mine, for once access was very easy, parked a short distance away, no steep climbs to get into it, perfect for a Sunday! Very little information on this mine has been found so far, but it was working before 1868 and was still in production in 1877...
  15. Tinnitus Doll

    Mauk Copper Mine (April 2013)

    Without many words... The only advice: never, you hear, never go to an abandoned mine without gumboots or smth like that. Unless you'll be wet to the skin like me in this day. Scary? :o Look down. Warm greeting from cold Russia:thumb
  16. Tinnitus Doll

    Gold mine, 162 metres under the ground (November 2012)

    Some months ago we visited the working gold mine in Sverdlovsk region. We climbed down 162 metres by old wooden stairs under the heavy rain of underground water. It was really hard but worth time and energy. It's foggy here. Here we had some rest, drunk tea near the...
  17. Tinnitus Doll

    Siderite mine

    Hello! I write here for the first time. I'm an explorer from Russia and I'd like to communicate with people all over the world;) I hope It would be interesting for you to watch some places in Russia. I'm keen on not only abandoned places but working industry as well. Sorry I'm not so exellent...
  18. Wevsky

    Middleton Mine Derbyshire April 2013

    This was a place we had wanted to visit for a long time so when it got mentioned in memory of DHL that a group of people would be getting together up here i jumped at the chance.. So myself UrbanGinger SpaceInvader met up with PaulPowers and headed in ,then met way too many people to name if i...
  19. H

    port mulgrave stone mine and surrounding area - 2011

    Well we were very disappointed with this mine due to not having our 4gas meter..... all i will say is if you go in FFS take a meter 30 yards in we could not breath hardly and that was just walking, the mine had NO air flow at all..... time for the pics first the beach with the fossils...
  20. H

    Magpie Mine

    Lead mining flourished around here in the 18th and 19th centuries, and one third of a mile south of Sheldon stands the Magpie Mine. It is now scheduled as an ancient monument, and is the most complete example of a lead mine remaining in the Peak District. It is about 1050 feet above sea level...