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  1. Wevsky

    Noah's ark Tunnels &Winchelsea Tunnels 27th july 2010

    Right first of me and unclebulgaria went out to have a look see if noahs ark was accessible,which it was due to vandals stripping the building and basically wrenching open every door they could..the dividing wall from the barwicks to noah's ark road section had been smashed down ..well brickwork...
  2. Wevsky

    local urbex get together 18th july 2010 main tunnels

    Right this was arranged by Mrfro from 28days later we met we went down main tunnel we took pics and had a's mine ..spent a while down there but all long exposures so only took a few shots where taken by frosty..hopefully to follow different lighting from first and...
  3. Wevsky

    Ramsgate tunnels main section 16/6/2010

    Right this isnt a ground breaking new and interesting report its a very well visited place..Im posting this short report as i finally have had chance with my tripod and dslr to get underground,ive visited this spot more times than i care to remember mainly in the 80's but recently using my...
  4. Wevsky

    Westcliff section ramsgate tunnels 02/06/10

    Westcliff section had been very keen to visit a group of us have been looking into it for ages..and with a little help from knox obs and frosty,thanks for the help guys ,We got our location.theere was too have been two teams of in one out!Due to location and method of entry some of the...
  5. Maniac

    D.O.E tunnels - Dover - 16/04/09

    Popped back here the other night with Cave Zombie, and this time I photographed the place. :D I missed a lot on previous trips, the place is a lot bigger than you first think it's going to be, and there's a lot more detail and features than I first remember seeing, so much so I thought it was...
  6. superwide

    D.O.E. Tunnels. Dover. 02.10

    I paid this place a visit last week, my first explore in over a year....god I miss it. Anyway was great fun getting back into it, got a new D60 that I have been trying to get to grips with. This trip was a bit of a cock up, broke my tripod and also forgot to turn my ISO of auto so all the...
  7. F

    Ramsgate Tunnels - FULL REPORT (very pic heavy) 2010

    After debating what new challenges to overcome, me, obscurity and frosty decided to try and get all sections of the Ramsgate tunnels explored. As far as were aware it hasn’t been done since 1993 when they were much more easily accessible. The main train tunnel was originally opened in 1863...
  8. vanishing days

    Ramsgate Air Raid Tunnels - Railway Tunnel - 2008

    i no its been done before but heres my pics main part cool old bikes entrance exit cool old fair ground
  9. R

    Great Britain Undisclosed Location - Tunnels & HUGE well 3/12/2008

    I cannot give the location of this site out, as amazingly, it is under my friends cellar in his house! Lucky lad! I popped down today to take some pictures, it has been covered on underground kent, but rather boringly, so I thought id jazz the place up a little, and it was good practise for me...
  10. SuZyQue

    Ramsgate Tunnels 4.06.07 - Report.

    I've been down these tunnels a few times, and always see something different that I had missed on previous visits, it is one of the most peacefull places I have been in, and it's history is fascinating, enjoy the pics. Inspection pit. The old tunnel sign. Enjoy...