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  1. Paulpowers

    GKN Tunnels, Birmingham - Jan 2014

    This is my third visit and the third time I'm not happy with the pictures but an hour for dinner doesn't really give much time to explore a site and get decent pictures :( The site over the road is now completely flat but the reports of this side being demolished are a bit exaggerated
  2. bango

    Drakelow Tunnels Houses 'Drug Factory'

    Hi guys, as some of you might now I am a volunteer worker at Drakelow so I thought I would give you the information first along our volunteers press release. On a personal note I am absolutely gutted, there are so many good people who have given up a lot of their own time, money and resources...
  3. Lara

    Longbridge Tunnels - 2013

    This was my first proper underground splore, so please excuse the pics, new to the light painting so a big thank you to SK and Baron for letting me pinch their light Teeny bit of history Longbridge was where munitions workers produced the Merlin engines that powered Spitfires and Hawker...
  4. Paulpowers

    GKN Tunnels, Birmingham - Sept 2013

    This one has been on the list for a while but I've always overlooked it until this visit The site is big, really big and from above ground there is no sign of what lies below I only spent an hour underground so I'll be heading back soon for a revisit :D
  5. C

    Bury Tunnels, Lancs

    A friend of mine used to work for Chicago Rock cafe (now the Art Picture House), on Market Street, Bury. He swears blind, that while he worked there, he went through a door behind the bar, which took him into a red brick, pitch black tunnel that led underground. He says it isn't the cellar or...
  6. silverainbow

    Shorts Brothers Tunnels. Rochester, Kent, July 2013

    This has been a long time coming, I've wanted to explore this place since I have known of its existence, I have held off on doing a report as every seemed to be doing it all around the same time so wanted to avoid the impression that I was jumping on the band wagon :) , So here goes, First with...
  7. Maniac

    Shorts Tunnels, Rochester - March 2013

    Been meaning to post this a while. Shorts tunnels will always be a bit special when I visit it, as it was pretty much the first place I explored and took photos of about 6 years ago. Hearing recently it was open again I couldn't resist a look and the chance to take some better photos of it. I'm...
  8. mookster

    GKN Tunnels Dec '12

    One of those days you wonder to yourself 'why are we doing this exactly?' But we'd come so far already and even as the heavens opened biblically walking to the site we knew we had to do it, it would be an experience at least being in a load of tunnels in the pouring much so I decided...
  9. Maniac

    Great Britain Drakelow Tunnels, April 2013

    This was an organised trip, essentially we crashed in on Sub Brits day as organised for us by Tommo who then ended up not being able to make it himself. Visited with Frosty, Fortknox and a non member. This place has a massive history, it started life in WWII and was originally constructed as a...
  10. Frosty

    Drakelow Tunnels (PIC HEAVY) - Staffordshire - (apr 2013) - 2013

    Hi all just thought id put my pics up quick while i have a chance before i go back to work :) , was a really really epic place, big thanks to tommo (28DL) for hooking us up with this one! Permission visit, but a tenner for the run of the whole place for the whole day was well worth that...
  11. Space Invader

    Snargate Tunnels East, Dover ,nov 2011

    visited with ... wevsky, fortknoxo,one flew east ,maniac and chewbacca a little history... This is the Eastern end of a large tunnel complex in Snargate Street, which began as separate tunnels but were linked during WW2 for use as air raid shelters. The main part of this section is the 900ft...
  12. silverainbow

    Winchelsea Tunnels Dover, Kent, September 2011

    A brief explore from a month or so ago, visited with Space Invader, Obscurity and Wevsky, I have to admit that pics arent the best but its the taking part that counts :thumb Now for a brief bit of history borrowed from Sub Brit ;) These tunnels, in the former Winchelsea Quarry, were used...
  13. Maniac

    Durham Hill/Soldiers Home/Crouchers/Barwicks tunnels - Dover

    This complex of tunnels all run into one another, but are all owned and used by different people with the exception of the Durham Hill tunnel which is too unstable to be used for anything. Up until WWII some of the sets of caves/tunnels existed seperately, but during WWII they were linked up...
  14. silverainbow

    Soldiers Home Tunnels Dover, May 2011

    Visited with Space Invader, Wevsky & Swamp Donkey A bit of History borrowed from "Sub Brit" This is the Eastern end of a large tunnel complex in Snargate Street, which began as separate tunnels but were linked during WW2 for use as air raid shelters. The main part of this section is the...
  15. Wevsky

    Connaught tunnels may 2011

    History also been done..lovely place i must admit and i do love a tunnel..there is definate signs of work going on and had to be visited while up that way.. Few pics of the day.. visited with nelly, obscurity,space invader,skeleton key,silver rainbow Wicked day out good company and a...
  16. Wevsky

    Great Britain Soldiers Home Tunnels 21/10/2010

    Visited with uncle Bulgaria,Obsurity,Frosty,fatjames and craig Right History..I could have cobbled together from several sources some info and re-written it in my own words but to be honest the write up I’ve found is very accurate from what i can tell so I will bow down to the far more superior...
  17. superwide

    Ramsgate Tunnels 13/10/10

    This was my first visit to ramsgate tunnels, the place is huge should have worn my hiking boots. Thanks to Fat wreck for showing me the place and bringing lots of things that glow or burn :D . I must add the round balls are the work of Fat Wreck, mine look more like furballs that are not very...
  18. Maniac

    Esplanade tunnels, Dover - Oct 2010

    This elusive set of tunnels has been evading me ever since I started getting into this hobby about 3 years ago. I've seen pictures, I've missed out on opportunities to see them on more than one ocassion, and for at least the last 2 years I've been religiously checking and trying to find access...
  19. fat wreck

    Tunnels under Dover Castle leading to the Great Well 2010 afraid i couldnt get a pic of The Great Well it self, im s**t ya pantz rubbish with hightz'n thiz thing iz about 269ft deep top to bottom, anyway herez some picz leading up to The Well ha ha ha :oops: The Great Well iz behind thiz gate, i'll try'n get a pic next time, honest...
  20. unclebulgaria

    D.O.E Tunnels 2/8/10

    Fire brigade plans of the 1970s name these 'D.O.E Tunnels', and they were at the time at the rear of the Dover Storage Company, in Limekiln Street. This area now forms a shipping company's yard. The tunnels themselves probably date back to the early 19th Century, but must have been worked over a...