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  1. Tomvandutch

    France Alien works

    This area was a powerplant of a coalmine.
  2. Anna Jacobsen

    A Visit to a Locomotive Works

    A Visit to a Abandoned Locomotive Works, was in Germany. This site was given to us from a friend and so off we went to check it out.
  3. AndyK!

    France Florange Steel Works / HFX, France - June 2017

    I remember visiting the "Bureau Central" a fair few years ago and noticing the massive steel works next door that the offices were once the headquarters for. The entire works seemed to be abandoned, although the old office block had clearly been out of use for a lot longer. We added it to the...
  4. B

    France HFX Steel Works - 2018

    An early partial visit of blast furnaces with @Himeiji   that ended by being caught by securitas, who called another security crew, who called the cops...... I wanna go back there but I don't know if I should :s Hell, Mittal's a bitch, but a beautiful one xD              ...
  5. jane doe

    Great Britain Cocking Lime Works June 2018

    I was passing here today on way home from work so called in to have a look ...Quite a nice little explore ☺️
  6. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Britannia Works (WeldMech), Osset, Yorkshire - Feb 2018.

    Not much online about this one, it used to be a smelting yard which also carried out other work such as Automotive and presumably welding of sorts.   A nice little mooch for 45 mins or so.  Its had a recent fire, unfortunately destroying quite a rare model of Datsun stored inside.   Visited...
  7. jones-y-gog

    Octel Bromine Works, Anglesey, January 2017

    This is a spectacular location for sure, surrounded by wonderful dramatic coastline. If you've got time I'd recommend bringing a packed lunch!! You could be watching the waves crash against the rugged cliffs, maybe if you're lucky you might spot a seal or a puffin passing by. Here in 1951...
  8. Gromr123

    Tower Brick and Tile Company - Hampshire - December 2016

    Tower brick and tile company is a lovely little explore tucked away in the small village of Selborne. It's very isolated, with interruptions only from the occasional passing car and the swarming birds in the field opposite.  The History The Brick and Tiles company have been producing hand made...
  9. macc_explore

    Bradfield Water Works, Sheffield - May 2015

    The Visit I was told about this place by some pensioner explorers who loved the street art around Sheffield, set off the week after to have a look for ourselves. Set in a lovely little village, not much left inside now but some amazing street art in there! The History The water works was...
  10. Funlester

    Uniqema Chemical Works, Bromborough - November 2015

    This was the second stop of out Sunday trip. I have to say I do love a good bit of industrial filth. History - Originally owned by Price's Patent Candle Company. In 1853, Palm oil was brought into Liverpool and so the company needed a site to use the palm oil closer to Liverpool than taking...
  11. The_Raw

    Shougang Steel Works, Beijing - October 2015

    Part 1. The opportunity arose to visit a friend of mine living in Beijing and it didn't take long for this place to crop up in conversation. He'd heard rumours of people being allowed to walk freely through the site before but this wasn't the case when he'd tried. Security had apparently been...
  12. mookster

    Titchener's Wire Works Sept 2015

    I don't think this place has had widespread exposure even on American explore sites before, it's kind of in an area which is often overlooked as far as explores go with almost nobody local on the scene. Titchener's is a large iron works company still operational in upstate New York to this day...
  13. Session9

    Wolverton Works, Wolverton - September 2015

    WOLVERTON WORKS - SEPTEMBER 2015 I cannot keep away from Wolverton and recently i clocked up my tenth visit since May 2014. To celebrate the occasion i got rather wet, but nothing could ever dampen my love of this classic train derp. Wolverton railway works was established in Wolverton...
  14. coolboyslim

    Great Britain Inhospitable & the Works, Manchester, July 2015

    Visited with @stranton And @ACID- REFLUX. Thx to them both for the great time had here. Anyways on with the report and pics History Inhospitable Inhospitable is a 700yd culvert which carries the moss brook beneath Collyhurst, the infall consists of a 15ft brick arch this changes too a10ft...
  15. Hydro

    Knostrop treatment works outlet, Leeds - July 2015

    Myself and Raz went down a cool drain in Leeds last night, read Raz's report here; Press HD - Little walk about
  16. -Raz-

    Knostrop treatment works outlet, Leeds - July 2015

    Having stumbled across a report from a couple years back and after a little bit of research later that evening me and Matt had a short drive over to Leeds to check out the "LOL drain" It's not that long but does have some nice bits and having only been in meanwood beck and the tunnels under...
  17. Hydro

    Monckton Coke & Chemical Co. (Royston Coke Works) - June 2015

    Explored with -Raz- Bit of background; Coke has been produced on this site for 130 years, with the current works being the last independent coke works in the country until it was bought by Hargreaves (Norec) in 2005. It is estimated that the plant produces 11 megawatts of energy, for the less...
  18. Hydro

    Brunner Mond Soda Ash Works, Winnington - May 2015

    Explored with -Raz-, FatPanda & a non member as part of one of our days out. So first of all a little background - Short and sweet. Soda Ash (Sourced from Wiki) - "Sodium carbonate (also known as washing soda, soda ash and soda crystals), Na2CO3, is the sodium salt of carbonic acid...
  19. Wevsky

    The Works Manchester May 2015

    I am not going to pretend i am some sort of expert on the working of such places and the facts of what it is exactly but what i do know is walking up the pipe i was met by about an inch of fat which disguised the fact there was shit floating around with the wet wipes and fanny plasters under...
  20. Fekneejit

    Low Bradfield water works - May 15

    Built in 1913 to treat water from the local reservoirs & closed in 1995, it's totally trashed & has turned in to something of a graffiti gallery for all the locals. There's a pretty vibrant graffiti scene in Sheffield, & anywhere as trashed as this is fair game, especially if you...