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  1. lordoftheunderworld

    Italy Manicomio Di Dr. Rossetti

    A well known place, it was one on top of my list to explore, just love all the different colours and the atmosphere. The visit was from 2018, image quality is poor so decided to limit the number of photos
  2. 3:00am Urban Explorer

    USA Jackson Sanitarium - Castle on The Hill - New York

    I had the pleasure to explore the wonderful building
  3. ASOM

    MY LONDON COUNTY ASYLUMS (Cane Hill, West Park, etc.) BOOK

    Hi all, as threatened previously, my book on the 11 London County Asylums is due to be published at the end of the month, and pre-orders are up now. My first solo book will be out on 30th July (just a couple of weeks!) and will be available from all the usual sources. It details the history...
  4. ASOM

    Great Britain 14 years of asylum-seeking

    Back in 2018 I posted this thread: I kind of thought the jig was mostly up as far as asylums were concerned by then, and each time there was another, I'd have this kind of melancholic feeling that it was going to...
  5. ForgottenBuildings

    Italy Manicomio Di R - May. 2019

    History: Located somewhere in a small town on the Italian countryside lays this former mental institution. Containing over 8 buildings in total this institute was a complete complex on itself. It even contained a power station generating electricity and heat for the facility. One building in...
  6. ForgottenBuildings

    Italy Manicomio Di R

    History: Manicomio Di R was built in 1870 as an place for the poor, but after a couple of years it was transformed into an Lunatic Asylum. Electroshock therapy was used extensively here, along with experimental operations on the nervous system. Facilities included a laboratory of clinical...
  7. Dmc68

    Pool Parc Hospital/Asylum Wales.

    Been waiting all week to go here only to find it's all been boarded back . so just some from the outside.☹️
  8. jane doe

    Hartwood Asylum October 2015

     The main Hartwood Hospital building block with central towers with side wings was designed and built from 1890 by the local architect J L Murray from Biggar as the Lanark District Asylum covering the Lanarkshire area. The hospital closed in 1999
  9. jane doe

    Denbigh Asylum 2014

    Explored in 2014 ...gutted inside but still beautiful outside :)  
  10. jakeurbexphotography

    Winterton Hospital Sedgefield October 2017

    On the outskirts of Fishburn lies the derelict Winterton hospital. Winterton hospital used to be very big however most of its buildings were demolished and this part is the only building that remains of it. All of the windows are boarded up however when we got there it looked like someone had...
  11. jones-y-gog

    St Georges Asylum (May 2014)

    As I was flicking through old files recently i noticed that I'd only processed about half of the pics from here. So I decided it was about bloody time I did - this is the condensed version.  If you are interested in reading more about the institution I would recommend reading the info on the...
  12. Jake Alan Crag

    North Wales Hospital, Denbigh

    Hey everyone, so I'm pretty sure everyone's heard of this place so i dont really need to explain much about it, but if you haven't, below is a brief history of Denbigh Lunatic Asylum. Grade 2 Listed building. Built work started in 1844 Building work completed in 1848 Built to house up to 200...
  13. peanutbutter_crackers

    Creaky Floors Asylum 2016

    I was suppose to visit this location with several friends 7 yrs ago but it got cancelled and I don't recall why. Then shortly after people were getting arrested here and it was off the list by most explorers. A couple years ago photos started popping up from here so I planned a visit. The only...
  14. Ben

    Eastern State Hospital

    Found this place by comparing a vague YouTube video and some info I've found here and there, then confirmed with Google maps satellite. Place was pretty big, but unfortunately pretty destroyed by vandals over time. Here are some pictures I took on my scouting trip there. Will go back for...
  15. ForgottenBuildings

    Exploring an abandoned asylum

    In this video we are exploring an abandoned asylum which opened in 1930 and closed in 1997. I hope you liked the video!
  16. ForgottenBuildings

    Manicomio Di V

    This is Manicomio Di V (Lunatic Asylum). The hospital was built in 1930 due to growing demand for mental support in the region. The hospital closed in 1991 due to new laws. [ The overgrown church [ The entrance of the theatre  The decaying theatre  The old projector Fences to prevent...
  17. Faith Roswell

    "The Living Lara Croft"

    Hiya! My name is Faith- I have a website/blog for my adventures around the world. Lots of urbex, Mad Max/postapocalyptic festivals like Wasteland Weekend, ghost towns, legends etc. I'm based in England but travel all over the place and I'm always looking to team up with fellow explorers. :)...
  18. ASOM


    Here's a little selection of some of the more random, less-obvious shots from 10 years of exploring asylums. One shot each from most of the ones I've visited. Thought I'd try and avoid the obvious shots a little. Aston Hall (Nottinghamshire Mental Defective Colony, opened in 1930) Ward...
  19. Britain's Decays

    Harperbury Asylum Re-Visted

    Last year we explored what we could of the mostly demolished Harperbury Asylum. At the time there was a building that intrigued us but was completely closed off and we couldn't get in. Well, we re-visted today and it was all opened up. A few photos from that building below... the full explore...
  20. MiaroDigital

    Germany Asylum 60 - [visit 05/2017]

    On this trip, we found this litte but nice asylum in the near from the actual objective.  Fast in - fast out with realy nice motive's :) 1. Pflegeheim 60 01 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 2. Pflegeheim 60 02 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 3. Pflegeheim 60 03 by Miaro Digital, auf...