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  1. Landie_Man

    RAF Chenies, Chenies, Bucks (VISITED May 2010)-2013

    2013: Totally gone bar golf ball and towers 2010: Moved from Heathrow to Chenies in 1950, this site was home to the ground control intercept R8 Rotors Radar. The site was open till 1995, when it shut, but part of it is still live and owned by the MET office, where it houses the giant golf...
  2. Landie_Man

    RAF Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire- Visited Mar 2010 - 2013

    2013:I believe they are in the process of demo now. 2010: Ok, so we all know about this place and its been done to death! But here is a selection of my eventful day last week! Originally opened as an RAF base in 1918, Heyford was passed on to the USAF, where it became a kind of “Mini...
  3. Nelly

    RAF Stenigot June 2013

    Just in case there is anybody on planet Earth who hasn't been to Stenigot then I shall pop up some history This was a return visit as I was in the area on holiday, the weather was crap when I visited in 2011 and it was crap this time too, does the sun ever come out in Lincolnshire...
  4. shaddam

    Raf Uxbridge - May 2013

    So it's about time i got my report of this up ^^, after getting a random message from SK asking if i could get to a place to get picked up early the next morning, i knew this was going to be a good one. so getting up at silly splore o'clock i met up with him, trog and peaces and jumped in the...
  5. moorebag

    Great Britain RAF Folkingham, April 2013

    RAF folkingham I really enjoyed this shoot at the RAF folkingham graveyard until we were politely asked to leave by Mr Green. I didn't get everything i wanted to get but i hope you enjoy what i did manage to capture in the short time we had.
  6. mrtoby

    Great Britain RAF Stenigot - May 2013

    Since I started shooting abandoned stuff this was one I always wanted to see. While I was in Lincolnshire for work I randomely saw this on the hill side and thought it would be rude not to stop and have 5 minutes. It was raining, super windy and I only had a few minutes spare. I struggled to...
  7. darbians

    Great Britain Raf R 2012-2013

    A vast site with one or two buildings still in use. Of a similar design to other bases in the area. In pretty good condition due to being surrounded by housing and onsite security. This was my favourite room on the site. I am not really sure what this actually is. 1 The exchange! 2...
  8. mookster

    Great Britain RAF Greenham Common GAMA Site (August 2011) 2013

    Another from the archive, and another one with great memories attached. I met one of my best exploring buddies in April 2010 when he was brand new to urbex and the first thing he said he wanted to do was Greenham Common at sunrise. Well a year and a half after that was first mooted isn't too...
  9. klempner69

    RAF Yatesbury nr Calne Wiltshire (visited 2005) 2013

    Another one for the archives really,but still important as most if not all of what I filmed is still there.First visited in 2005 for a post sunday dinner walk,then became one of my obsessions.Be gentle with the quality of pics due to me using a simple Kodak Digi point n shoot..never got into...
  10. klempner69

    RAF Upper Heyford (visited 2011) 2013

    I am surprised this hasnt been reported on before to be honest,so if you are familiar with it then my appologies.. :lol: Wee bit of history: Opened as an air base in 1918,taken over in the early 50`s by the Americans,this was the home to the F1-11`s till closure late 1994.Now a Heritage...
  11. klempner69

    RAF Upper Heyford Officers Club (visited 2011) 2013.

    Opened it 1927,the Former RAF flying corps club passed into the hands of the Americans who added the last modern bar called Jandys.The living areas were quite respectable and the ballroom held host to big name stars.Closing along with base in 1994,the building quickly suffered from the damp,so a...
  12. klempner69

    RAF Charmy Down,Bath(visited 2008)2013

    Another explore with my long suffering..she actually liked this one!!Met the Farmer called Basil,who was ok with us exploring as long as we didnt put the pics online! Info: RAF Charmy Down was a World War II airfield in England located approximately three miles north of the centre of Bath...
  13. klempner69

    RAF Chenies,Bucks,(visited 2010) 2013

    Another explore with the long suffering,but she declined the excitement of this one and stayed in the car!! RAF Chenies was an R8 Ground Control Intercept (GCI) radar station (code HAM) built in the 1950's as part of the post war ROTOR Programme. While most post war GCI stations utilised an...
  14. klempner69

    RAF Upwood,Cambridgshire (visited 2009) 2013

    Took the long suffering for a stroll round this sheep ridden base,but she got bored fairly quickly!! .As of early 2010, much of RAF Upwood is unused, closed by the Ministry of Defence in 1994. Most of the base was vacated and the land and buildings sold off to civil ownership. In 2004 Turbine...
  15. HitGirl

    RAF Chilmark Dec 2012

    Explored with 2 non members Walked around for almost 3 hours with a hangover trying to find the entrance to this place :(
  16. northern ninja

    Raf Daws hill bunker - October 2012

    Visited with TBM and Cookie monster, This has been in my pipeline for a while so glad that i finally got around to going here and been in the 1st Group to crack it. Warning to anyone else going there is security on the main site as we bumped into his dog but luckily not him however the dog was...
  17. R

    RAF Greenham Common August 2012

    Opened in 1942, it was used by both the Royal Air Force and United States Army Air Forces during World War II and the United States Air Force during the Cold War. After the Cold War ended, it was closed in 1993. The airfield was also known for the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp held outside...
  18. Wevsky

    RAF Daws Hill Nuclear Bunker High Wycombe 10/2012

    Big thanks to TBm and Northern Ninja for cracking this and the intel............ Explored with UrbanGinger,Stealth and Obscurity.. No mishaps or hassles with getting to the bunker other than a man in a red van with his dog being nosey so no grand stories of our escapades im afreaid..(yay i...
  19. Maniac

    RAF 'Pembrokeshire', Wales - Sometime 2007

    That graffitti is mint! 8-)
  20. Obscurity

    RAF Rudloe Manor - July 2011

    I went for a look on a sunny morning with Frosty and a non member. The buildings are in a very bad state and everything insight has been smashed but there were a few bits that make this place worth a look if you are in the area. We were here about an hour but then saw a few blokes walking...