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  1. expert_tag_along

    Great Britain Long Marston Airfield - March 2020

    Long Marston Airfield - March 2020 I'd been scratching my head for a while looking for abandoned planes and decided a holiday to Cornwall or Croatia was needed to see some then remembered Long Marston is only an hour drive from me! With that daft realisation we headed over to Stratford to see...
  2. Mikeymutt

    RAF Sculthorpe..Norfolk Jan 2019

    I have been to Sculthorpe many times as it is local to me.but I have never ever seen the bomb stores in all my visits seeing as I ain't been for a few years I thought I would try the bomb stores.situated over the other side I approached them from a different way.a long walk through...
  3. Mikeymutt

    RAF Coltishall officers mess..Norfolk Sept 2018

    So this is my last post from RAF Coltishall.. this was the officers mess which is situated just out off the main area. Its a standard H block design which is common in most RAF accommodation blocks.  the wings are used for an upstairs and downstairs accommodation. Similar to the sergeants mess...
  4. AndyK!

    RAF Coningsby Remote Weapons Store, Lincolnshire - February 2019

    On my way home from an overnight explore down south, it seemed a shame to waste the beautiful summer-like days we were having in mid-February, so I decided to stop off at RAF Coningsby's old weapons storage facility. It's not all that far from where I live, and I'd been meaning to take a look...
  5. Mikeymutt

    RAF Coltishall ATC Tower..Norfolk Jan 2019

    So last year when I went to Coltishall the tower was locked, so a quick message from pretty vacant who was visiting it later said it was wide open. So I decided to nip down and see it for myself. Its fairly stripped off its features, but it does have some nice colours and its always nice to get...
  6. Andy

    RAF Coningsby Weapons Store (visited 09/2018) - pic heavy

    RAF Coningsby is a partially active RAF base and was opened in 1940 as a bomber station. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find more about the history of this place. So I don't know when the abandoned part has been closed.   Stupidly I had forgotten the plate of my tripod at home. That's why I had to...
  7. Mikeymutt

    RAF Coltishall..Norfolk.June -August 2018

    I have sat on this one for a fair while.earlier in the year I made quite a lot of trips here trying to find various bits of it.I had been on a visit here years ago and saw some bits,but I knew there was so much more to it.being near to me it was essy to go regularly to check it out.there is...
  8. Mikeymutt

    RAF Bentwaters..Suffolk

    I was out for a solo exploring day earlier in the year and I decided to head for a mooch around bentwters just to see what I could find what was different to the tour they show people.i actually found quite a was areally enjoyable to look around.a lot of the place is used as an industrial...
  9. Booie Bowers

    RAF Upwood - May 2018

    Had a great afternoon exploring here, what a place. It’s huge!! I have been meaning to visit here for years & it certainly has fallen into disrepair over the years (since I've known about the place). I should have gone years ago! Must go back on a sunny/warmer day & hopefully next time...
  10. Urbexbandoned

    RAF Brampton Officer's Mess - April 2018 - Cambs

    History    Brampton Park Officers' Mess is a former country house, then used by RAF Support Command at RAF Brampton. Brampton Park dates back to the 12th century and the house, known as the Grange, was built in 1821-22 to designs by Thomas Stedman Whitewell. It was altered in 1825 by John...
  11. UrbanLurking

    RAF Marchington Explore ( Video Included) Jan 2018

    Explored here a couple of weeks ago seems a bit destroyed now which is a shame bet it was a decent explore at one point.  A bit of history, Royal Army Ordnance Corp (RAOC) Marchington, was built around 1957 and dealt with the supply and maintenance of weaponry and munitions and various other...
  12. Britain's Decays

    RAF Stenigot, Lincoln

    Fantastic place to explore, very interesting. Those dishes are absolutely massive! Details on history coming soon...
  13. Britain's Decays

    Nocton Hall & RAF Hospital in Lincoln

    A bit of a pain in the back side to get in this one, they have really made an effort with those fences! There was no security though, once you find a way past the doubled up security fences it's smooth sailing. We did find one particular part of this place rather creepy, there is a rotten bed in...
  14. RossWAdventures

    Military Planes at Long Marston Airfield - Aug 17

      This Avro Shackleton is one of three aircrafts situated at Long Marston. After the small aviation museum had sadly closed its doors, the Shackleton MR3, serial number WR985, was among a group of larger airframes that were not relocated, and is still sat at the old World War 2 airfield today...
  15. hamtagger

    RAF Church Fenton, Tadcaster - July 2016

    RAF Church Fenton   The Explore   'Twas a nice easy mooch from about a year ago with @Urbexbandoned. Because I'm so far behind in posting reports I always have to go back and read Tracey's report to jog my memory so I can write some shite here as an intro. I can remember it was a boiling hot...
  16. urbex13

    RAF Church Fenton, North Yorkshire, March and July 2017

    History Going to be brief as this is everywhere, I'd recommend if you're looking for a solid reference on the subject. RAF Church Fenton was opened in 1937, during WWII it had a defensive role protecting the northern Industrial cities from bombing raids. It also hosted...
  17. MrObvious

    RAF Church Fenton

    Explored with @CuriousityKilledTheCat , @TheVampiricSquid , @Redhunter and a n0n OS member...   After driving around for about half an hour, ending up in completely the wrong place, getting eaten alive by mozzies, we'd finally managed to find the correct place ( 2 seconds away from where we...
  18. hamtagger

    RAE Bedford 8x8, 3x3 Windtunnels and RAF Thurleigh Tower - Apr/Dec 15

    RAE Bedford 8x8, 3x3 Windtunnels and RAF Thurleigh Tower - Apr/Dec 15     The Explores   The first visit was intended to be a quick recce as there had been nothing from the place for a few years, so naturally assumed it was sealed tight... but bloody hell are we glad we checked the place...
  19. cunningplan

    RAF Upwood, Sept 2015

    1000 mile Mega Xplore Cannon Brewery while in Sheffield, but decided against it due to access and time. It was lucky as we got stuck in traffic on the way down and only just got here in time for sunset. Again another place with needs no introduction and another type of place I like with all the...
  20. hamtagger

    RAF Nocton, Lincolnshire - August 2015

    RAF Nocton The Explore Had a quick look one day to show Urbexbandoned the nice peely corridors. I’ve been about 6 times now so only took a few snaps. Got the shot i wanted which was an aerial one from the top of one of the tower things. Nice relaxed wander :) The History Nocton Hall was...