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  1. urbex travel

    Poland Park Of Sacred Miniatures, Poland 2021

    Do you like abandoned churches? Would you like to collect them in one place? No problem! But they will be small :p In Częstochowa, place known from Jasna Góra church, you can find the park of religious miniatures. You can find there churches from all over the world, and... the giant Pope! I was...
  2. urbex travel

    Poland Distillery with a steam machine

    In small village near Warsaw, we found the abandoned distillery. There was a lot of equipment, but the most interesting was the steam machine.
  3. TheBackpackExplorer


    The History St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church has been derelict since the last mass took place in October 1995 - In 1877, the second designed rebuild was done by Mr. Goldie, of the firm of Messrs - Goldie & Child, London. Originally, The first service was held on 22nd January, 1871, in a small...
  4. Noah907

    USA Abandoned Mansion In Anchorage Alaska

    I found a Abandoned Mansion in alaska. The cords are 61.143600, -150.002200. The reason why it is abandoned is " The person building it was a construction company owner and was self building this house. During construction he ran into permit issues for both construction and SWPPP issues in...
  5. J

    Other Nargin island - abandoned and spooky

    Nargin Island is visible from almost every point of Baku. Standing on guard of the Baku bay, it is located only 5 kilometers from the nearest coast, but few of the Baku residents or guests of the capital have ever visited it. There are many rumors, legends and tales about the island, some of...
  6. Black Fox

    USA Abandoned TB ward in Fairfield, Maine

    -a recent expedition in central Maine
  7. WesternKentuckyUrbex

    USA Canton Gas Station - May 2020

    This location in Canton, Kentucky is one of my favorite abandoned buildings I have stumbled upon. This gas station was built in 1919 by Masons on an old ferry road that connected western Kentucky to central Kentucky. The gas station was on one of the first improved roads in the area which...
  8. expert_tag_along

    Great Britain Long Marston Airfield - March 2020

    Long Marston Airfield - March 2020 I'd been scratching my head for a while looking for abandoned planes and decided a holiday to Cornwall or Croatia was needed to see some then remembered Long Marston is only an hour drive from me! With that daft realisation we headed over to Stratford to see...
  9. ForgottenBuildings

    Italy Cotonificio C - Aug. 2019

    History: In 1830 a textile tycoon from Milan decided to build a new facility in which was back then a small village. From there on the factory ran smoothly and kept expanding over the years, until the first world war, at this time the facility was closed due to a lack of resources, luckily after...
  10. jakeurbexphotography

    Great Britain Locomotion one pub September 2019

    On the outskirts of Newton Aycliffe stands a derelict pub called the locomotion one. The locomotion has been empty since 2017 and was closed down due to a suspected burgalry. The pub originally closed down due to refurbishment, however with the burgalry that was committed, all of the value of...
  11. KPUrban_

    Great Britain A Hospital In The Woods, Sep 2019

    The Building Former specialist hospital in orthopedics, rheumatology, and respiration lays dormant in an English woodland. After closing in 2004 and remaining relatively forgotten the hospital fell into an unexpected level of decay. 1882 the wife of the former owner died and the remaining...
  12. tdiggle

    USA Abanoned on Lower Patton Road September 2019

    Not much to say about this little abandoned (shack?) place, It looks too small to be residential and it is poor condition. Getting up to the entry point was rough enough but the inside was in rough shape as well. Anyway, enjoy!
  13. U

    Great Britain Video Report : The Mines Of Gunnerside Valley, Yorkshire, UK

    In this one, we explore multiple mines in the Gunnerside valley in Yorkshire, England. We take a peek at Barbera Level, Bunton Level, Sir Francis Level Shaft, Prescilla Level and another level, deep in water I don't know the name of unfortunately at this point. The mines in the area were...
  14. U

    Abandoned mechanical engineering school

    Exploring abandoned mechanical engineering school in very good condition.
  15. KPUrban_

    Great Britain Essex Hospital, May 2019

    A little while before our first of two visits I had been surfing the internet for hospital closures, looking for a site some way away. Then, out of nowhere, this pops up.... At first I was skeptical and decided to have a little dig in the forums and almost nothing turned up. So it was...
  16. KPUrban_

    Great Britain The NSRI, March 2019

    The Intro After stumbling across photos of the beedy eye'd operating lights back in early 2018 I'd spent quite a while looking for the site. Only to realise  it's almost 150 miles away, which on trains that run mostly on diesel, is not fun. So we put it off until September and went for two...
  17. EveDestruction

    Poland Abandoned house with Jaguar in garage

    Traveling through eastern Poland together we saw an abandoned house near the road. quick decision - we are entering. From the outside, the house did not offer much. The entrance was easy, only to our misfortune the house was empty, there was not much equipment in it, practically bare walls...
  18. Dmc68

    Great Britain Bwthyn Afon, Abandoned Cottage On The Glyndwr Way. May 2019.

    A nice way to spend my Bank Holiday Monday. May 2019 Full Video....
  19. Forgotten Productions

    Whats good everyone

    We are Forgotten Productions, Urban Explorers from Toronto,Canada. We are looking forward to sharing our adventures with you all through photos and video footage. We try and bring a little bit of fun to exploring while still showing you everything that has been left behind in its current...
  20. obscureserenity

    Hungary Kelenföld Control Room - March 2019

      History   Kelenföld Power Plant is located in Budapest and was originally established in 1914, in conjunction with Hungary's electrification program. It was known as one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced throughout Europe and supplied electricity to the entire capital...