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  1. Strange Artifact

    Chateau Congo (12-2015)

    December 2015 we made a visit at this Chateau in state of decay, upper floors are not quite safe and some places already collapsed. Still besides the big mess a lot to see at this Chateau. It was a nice visit! Yes the obvious photo of the 2 chairs an couch is missing, guess everybody has seen...
  2. IantheBaeyensPhotography

    Chateau Hohner

    The last location I did in 2015. It's not really a chateau, more like a big house, but codenames can be tricky sometimes I guess. The owner had lots of cars, on the last pictures I saw from other people there were more spectacular ones, but I guess they cleaned up the garden. A lot of mess in...
  3. Msix

    Jumanji Castle

    It was a morning it was sunny, 25 degrees. I already had a few hours of driving in my arms when I arrive at the castle. I do like my habit, a small tour around the castle to watch the outside architecture and also find an entry. I managed to find an entry that made me go through the...
  4. Perjury Saint

    France Chateau Fachos... Sept '15

    A beautiful chateau tucked away in the French countryside... Luckily we got to see it just before it was horribly trashed! :mad: ...CHATEAU FACHOS... Thanks for lookin' in...
  5. Vief

    France Chateau Marguerite - 2015

    I really enjoyed a couple of hours at this beautiful location. Can't tell much about it, but the building near is still in use, thankfully nobody noticed us :P #2 #3 #4 #6 #7 #9
  6. Vief

    France Chateau des Anges Perdus - Oct 2015 (Visited Febr 2015)

    So this is my first post, I hope I'm doing well :D This used to be a very beautifull castle. Not only the inside but I also loved it from the outside OMG. It was first mentioned in 1108, so it's very very old!! Tnx for watching and any feedback is welcome. #1 #2 #3 #5 #6 #7...
  7. IantheBaeyensPhotography

    Chateau De La Casserolle, Belgium, October 2015 (Visited Sept 2015)

    A few months earlier I was standing in front of this building, they actually closed it completely down, wow. As I was looking for an entry, I heard voices inside - jump scare :o - , I shouldn't go exploring so often on my own.. , Oh right..remembered the concierge put on the radio and light...
  8. IantheBaeyensPhotography

    Chateau D'ambiance

    My first repo on here! :D Once upon a time, near a big city there was this big wealthy hotel/restaurant, full of chique guests, expensive food such as lobster and glamorous rooms. After the business went bankrupt, the owners couldn't find anyone who had interest to buy it from them. So now...
  9. Stussy

    Chateau Ambience, Belgium - July 2015

    First stop on a July trip with Darbians to Euroland, we explored this Chateau?, I have no idea why its called Chateau Ambience, its a hotel, and looked to have closed reasonably recently. Anyway, the reason for the visit was a lovely staircase, but it had been dismantled before we arrived, so a...
  10. Vancolen Kevin

    LEGAL !! Chateau GM (visit 2015)

    Hi guys, this time a legal visit in an older location, I was trying to get in when the owner arrived I quickly acted like I was taking pictures from the outside, turns out this guy was really friendly and he let me and my girlfriend inside, took a few pics , but no much , because the place was a...
  11. Stussy

    Chateau Lowenherz, Belgium - July 2015

    A quick trip across the ditch to Belgium with the good fella Darbians to see some lovely cream. Right in the middle of all the Migrant Crisis and Operation Stack. It took me about 10 hours to drive south to crash the night at Darbians, with the plan to leave early the next morning to hit up...
  12. Merryprankster

    Chateau Verdure - France - Sept 2015

    Much like raws report-who i visited this with btw, can't find much history on the place, its a chateau, there's signs of restoration work started and then abandoned, the place is folding in on itself in places, couple of years and it will look like congo or nottenboum- visited on the rosbif 36 h...
  13. The_Raw

    Chateau Verdure, France - September 2015

    Situated in a wealthy area outside Paris we almost thought we were in the wrong place for this one but it was just well hidden amongst the trees. I don't know any history about the place unfortunately but it was clearly once a very grand house which has been left to rot for one reason or...
  14. Dieter Ruistocht Herreman

    Chateau Congo (2015)

  15. Stussy

    Castle of Dreams / Chateau La de Foret - Oct 2014 (PIC HEAVY)

    Where to start on this place.... Ever since the first photos popped the scene of this place, I knew I had to visit here... It was on top of my wish list for so long, Back in Summer of 2013 I stood outside here, only to find out it had been locked down a few days prior, there was no way in to...
  16. Marco Bontenbal

    Chateau sous les nuages 2015

    Hi, This will be my first post on this forum. I am already for quite some time on the facebook page, but I wanted to post some on the forum, because this is where the forum is for ) Begin this year I did a trip to Belgium / Luxembourg / France / Germany ... It was a hell of a trip! So many...
  17. Msix

    Chateau Fachos - 2015

    We arrive and we stop at the edge of a small road. To our right , a full mosquito creek. :zombie To the left a huge park with the forest. We descided with Offone Decay (one off my exploration friend) going into the forest. And here we come across a huge castle , no window is broken, no sign of...
  18. Perjury Saint

    Chateau Deluge... April '15

    Not much to say about this one really... Big 'ole Chateau tucked away in the Belgian countryside with a STUNNING staircase and LOADS of decay... And now for that staircase... As always, thanks for lookin' in... :)

    Château Japonais - October 2014

    A huge Château located in a large grounds, Château Japonais aka Château des Chasseurs is quite isolated from the nearby homes. This gorgeous castle has been somewhere I have wanted to photograph since I saw pictures online. Clearly the building had fallen into disrepair but observations...
  20. Perjury Saint

    Chateau Hohner... April '15

    Some more Belgian residential noms for ya... Although called Chateau Hohner, this appears to be the old servants quarters and garages attached to the actual Chateau which, at the moment, is inaccessible... A splendid bit of Sunday morning lurkage with a wealth of bits n pieces and some...