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  1. The Urban Collective

    Camelot Theme Park - Feb 2018 - Video Report - Charnock Richard - Chorley

    Hey, guys here's my video report on the #post-apocalyptic #Camelot #ThemePark. I've already made a photographic report with a full history etc so I won't bore you with that here as it is featured in the footage. Thanks for any feedback guys take it, easy man.  PEACE The Urban Collective We...
  2. The Urban Collective

    Great Britain Taxal Lodge school - Photographic Report - 2018

    Taxal Lodge - Photographic Report - 2018 #TaxelLodge Photographic Report - 11th March 2018 Built-in 1904 Taxal Lodge was once the home of Lt. Col. H. Ramsden Jodrell, Who passed away in 1950. The home became a Special School, for disruptive and emotionally disturbed kids that lived on site 5...
  3. The Urban Collective

    Camelot Theme park - Photographic Report - Feb 2018

    CAMELOT - Theme Park - Photographic Report - Feb 2018 This abandoned resort and theme park is located in the English county of Lancashire. The park's theme was based on the well-known story of King Arthur and the Knights of the roundtable After numerous takeovers, the theme park was purchased...
  4. The Urban Collective

    Rylands Mill - Pagefield College campus - Video Report - Feb 2018

    Rylands Mill - Pagefield College campus - Video Report - Feb 2018 I must admit guys this place is one of my favorite explores up to now, from researching the history to seeing just how dilapidated it has become. It truly was a marvel for the eyes. Rylans mill or page field as it was later...
  5. The Urban Collective

    Great Britain Daresbury Hall - Photographic Report - Feb 2018

    Daresburyhall - Photographic report - Feb 2018 Daresbury Hall is a former Georgian country house in the village of Daresbury, Cheshire, England. It was built in 1759 for George Heron. the hall descended in the Heron family until 1850, when it became the property of Samuel Beckett Chadwick. By...
  6. The Urban Collective

    Rylands Mill - Pagefield College campus - Photographic Report - Feb 2018

    Pagefield mill - photographic report - Feb 2018  I must admit guys this place is one of my favorite explores up to now, from researching the history to seeing just how dilapidated it has become. It truly was a marvel for the eyes. Rylans mill or page field as it was later known, was built...
  7. The Urban Collective

    Great Britain Brock Mill Report - 5/2/2017

    Hope the photo file sizes are good as I had to reduce them due to the cap. Brockmill first began operations around the mid-1700s and further expanded when the Earl of Balcarres bought the mill and built a furnace at Haigh foundry half a mile downstream. The two sights prospered building...
  8. S

    Bedham School and Chapel - Possible Pagan Ceremony

    This is my first Urbex adventure. I recently moved to West Sussex and though I'd have a look around at some popular and easily accessible sites to explore. I stumbled upon Bedham Chapel and after some quick research, I found the location and travelled there. We drove down a single track road...
  9. The Urban Collective

    Brock Mill Report - 5/2/2017

    Brock Mill video and photographic reports - 5/2/2018 A quality explore that we really enjoyed. Not the most architecturally stunning but still there's a certain beauty about decay.
  10. little_boy_explores

    Report - Bishopgarth police training centre, Wakefield - Dec 31st

    History Bishopgarth was first built in 1891 for the Bishop to live in. In 1946 the site became the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Training School. The classrooms were built in 1952 and the new block added in 1969 (the accommodation). There were 14 course's for training police men/women...
  11. F


    Desert Center is a census designated place in the Colorado Desert in Riverside County, California. It is in southern California, between the cities of Indio and Blythe at the junction of Interstate 10 and State Route 177 (Desert Center-Rice Road). The ZIP Code is 92239, and the community is in...
  12. ExploringLancashire

    Pinner Caves, Crawshawbooth, December 2015

    Not much history other than it shut down back in the 1980's at some point.. Had fun in here very thankful I had someone with me who's been a few times before (none member). Had a blast working our way around all the paths and climbing under and over cave ins.. Love my first underground...
  13. BlocksPhotography

    The Tweed Mills 2015

    Another mad trip to Wales with Tom earlier in the year, We found ourselves searching for a few tweed mills amongst a few other places; The 1st mill was okay, had a few nice things to snap but not much colour going on, We grabbed a few shots and headed off to the next one. After a bit...
  14. BlocksPhotography

    Soldiers Widows House 2015

    Somewhere north of me is this lovely abandoned farm house, Filled with lots of items from years ago, Lovely old camera was a nice find too. Downstairs was a tad too dark to say the least, so all these pics are from the upstairs. Was a nice way to finish waht had been a rather rubbish day to be...
  15. BlocksPhotography

    Village Hall 2015

    I dont know too much history on this place, all i know is that it was a village hall and at one time and it must of been used as a church or something like that. The downstairs was in fairly good condition whilst upstairs there were signs of more decay and a few dodgy floors. The main hallway...
  16. BlocksPhotography

    Magpie Hall 2015

    I wont say too much about this place, History or location wise, but after seeing a post pop up from this place a while back, actually from 2 well known members on here ;-) I knew i wanted to see it, So the day after the post went up I headed out. Met up with another explorer and on we went. Upon...
  17. BlocksPhotography

    Addams Family Manor House 2015

    Okay ive posted some of my old stuff, now onto some more recent explores. I have watched this place for many years, earlier this year i decided it was time to give it a go, Having known it has been abandoned for over 4 years, and with no building work going on anymore it was the perfect time. I...
  18. BlocksPhotography

    Abandoned School Sheffield 2010

    Another trip down memory lane for me, We visited this old primary school on a very snowy day in November 2010, Whitch tbh wasnt the best idea we have had. Lots of untouched snow layed upon the once busy playground, as we walked across leaving many footprints for mr secca to see lol. Needless to...
  19. BlocksPhotography

    Denbigh Asylum 2010

    This place needs no introduction, but here is a little bit of history for you. The asylum is a grade 2 listed building. Designed by Thomas Full James, building works started in 1844 and was compleated in 1848, designed to hold between 60 and 200 patients. The asylum was gradualy shut down...
  20. BlocksPhotography

    Abandoned Orphanage 2010 (st Edwards)

    This was another stop on our boxing day tour back in 2010, I dont have much history on the place. All i remember is that it was a home for boys i think :-/ Cant even remember what part of the country it was in it was that long ago. Im sure someone on here may very well know.  Again not alot to...