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Report - Paragon Air Raid Shelter Ramsgate 2010

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May 13, 2009
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I first did this with obscurity about a year ago and decided i was never going to go back!! but....... i forgot my camera so i had to :rolleyes: !!

Visited again a little while back with frosty. After rigging up the abseiling equipment and checking our gear, making sure i had my camera, we desended into the entrance!!

There isnt alot of info on this place but it almost certainly would of been used as a shelter during the war, but going by the seperate rooms with chalk cut seats and the fact its on 3 levels i dont think this would of been its intended purpose. It isnt very big and only had one room on the middle and lower floors but was still quite an exciting explore.

Once inside we trudged though a couple of inches of bird crap and pigeon corpes and did the middle level.

From the entrance the tunnel turned to the right. directly in front was small poo covered staircase curving round to the left down the to bottom room. Stangely the ceiling was only high enough to crawl down the stairs. Turning left the tunnel continued a short way with a couple of recess's cut into the walls. Towards the end on the right was a small drop going into the lower room.

Looking back down tunnel


At the end an entrance to the left was a short passage leading into the first room, on the right was a brick stair case leading up

short passage


there were seats carved into the chalk and a small candle recess with soot still on the wall.

looking into room from passage


chalk seats



Next we headed up the stairs. At the top was small tunnel going of the left which was blocked and some more stairs leading to the original entrance at the surface.

Looking up the stairs


caped of entrance at ground level


back down the stairs we headed......


we wanted to take a look in the bottom room but didnt wana crawl down the poo stairs so we jumped down the drop

bottom room, passage at end leads to poo stairs


looking other way, there was a recess on the right, probably for a toilet


all in all was a good little adventure. it isnt very big but took us a while to fight our way through the pigeons and try not to touch the crumbling walls. Will DEFINATELY not be going back.

Did a little video which can be seen here......

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